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Follow teams and schools and any cancelled games and rescheduled games or changes on the team pages made by coaches.


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Support the work that HSSS does for the Section(s) they serve with your one-time contribution.



Annual contribution will receive access to subscriber notifications for the year and access to 4 sport dashboards of their choice. (A savings of $3.88)



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Purchase 2021-22 Dashboards

When you Purchase a dashboard for a sport season for a one time fee of $20.00 you can create customized dashboards for statistical data for all teams of the sport purchased.

Display top data for all statistical categories for the sport.
Display the data in pie chart, bar chart, line chart, or as a data table.

2021-22 Sports Available (more sports coming soon!)

Basketball (Boys)
Basketball (Girls)
Field Hockey
Soccer (Boys)
Soccer (Girls)